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Starting Promise

What is the Starting Promise?

Briggs & Stratton understands that starting ease is the feature most sought after by consumers when purchasing a walk-behind mower. Briggs & Stratton offers the widest selection of easy-starting engines of any small engine manufacturer.

If you buy a lawn mower with our Starting Promise, we promise it will: Start on one or two pulls for two years or we'll fix it for free!

The Starting Promise™

  • Covers defects in engine materials or workmanship that may prevent the engine from starting
  • Includes the cost of parts and labor for repairs related to the starting system
  • Provides two years of coverage from the original date of purchase
  • Briggs & Stratton can make the promise that your engine will start thanks to:
    • 100 years of innovation and design
    • Constant testing to ensure our customers get a quality engine

Look for Our Starting Promise Logo

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