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Ride Engines

Gold+ Series™

Gold+ Series

21 HP (540cc)

Performance line designed to meet the demanding needs of professionals
  • The Most Reliable Starting (MRS) spark plug (Craftsman Exclusive) -Delivers a surefire spark everytime
  • Overhead Valve (OHV) technology - runs cooler, cleaner-delivering more power, longer life and improved efficiency
  • Tool-less air cleaner cover for ease of maintenance
  • Automotive-style dipstick for ease of maintenance
  • Magnetron® Electronic Ignition for quick dependable starts with no maintenance required
  • Dura-Bore™ cast-iron sleeve for durability
  • Advanced Debris Management System with cartridge-style air filter extends maintenance intervals and provides longer life
  • Heavy-duty Teflon® coated, bronze bearing for durability and long life
  • Anti-Vibration System (AVS®) for smooth, comfortable operation
  • Pressure Lubrication for longer engine life
  • Automotive style spin-on oil filter for longer engine life
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WARNING: BEFORE YOU BEGIN... Engine may have shipped without oil. Check the engine oil level before starting.